As employers, you will no doubt be concerned about saving money, and employing disabled people might feel like an expensive luxury.

Beat Your Competition

As employers, you will no doubt be concerned about saving money, and employing disabled people might feel like an expensive luxury.

However, the reality is different. Corporate surveys consistently report that organisations that have employed disabled people are keen to employ more.

Whilst it's important to simply do what's right, researchers and business leaders have also found many commercial benefits to employing people with disabilities.

Attracting and keeping the best talent...

'Employable' People With Disabilities:

Warren Buffet, Richard Branson, Charles Schwab, Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Alexander Graham Bell, Michael J. Fox,  Lewis Carroll, Andrea Boccelli, Michael Faraday,  David Blunkett, Galileo.....

Increase Your Talent Pool

When the war for talent is fierce, it makes commercial sense to actively target the 20% of the working population that is disabled - especially when they are overlooked by your competitors!

People With Disabilities Stay In Their Jobs Longer

Hopefully, that means you won't have to repeat the whole recruitment process quite so soon! It also means any training you've paid for is more likely to benefit you, rather than their next employer. 

"On average, employees with vision loss or other disabilities have a retention rate of 1.7 years. In contrast, the retention rate for employees without disabilities is only 0.9 years."


...And Driving Your Organisation Forward

Increased 'Sales'

 Employing disabled people, understanding disability and generally having a proactive attitude towards disabled customers could be hugely rewarding to your organisation’s bottom line.

People with disabilities are acutely aware of those organisations that treat them with fairness and show particular loyalty in supporting them.

Over 11 million disabled people in the UK share a spending power comfortably in excess of £80 billion a year.
Outperform Your Competitors
Innovation Revenue Reported By Companies
Companies With BELOW AVERAGE Diversity Scores
Companies With ABOVE AVERAGE Diversity Scores

Source: BCG Diversity & Innovation Study. 2017 (n=1,681)

A diversified team see things in more than one way. They can find unconventional solutions to problems and generate more and better ideas for winning products and services.

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