"Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced." - James Baldwin

Knowing You’re Helping To Right A Wrong

In 2000, 37% of disabled people and 34% of non-disabled people felt that there was a lot of prejudice around disability.

The gap trebled by 2017, with 32% of disabled people and 22% of non-disabled people feeling there is a lot of prejudice against disabled people.

When you have a disability, knowing that you are not defined by it is the sweetest feeling.

"In My Dreams I Dance" - Anne Wafula

Disabled people are almost twice as likely to be unemployed as non-disabled people.

Source: Labour Force Survey, Oct-Dec 2020

But perceptions don't necessarily reflect ACTUAL discrimination. Unfortunately though, in the case of people with disabilities, it certainly seems to. 

If you are disabled, not only are you more likely to be earning less money, you are also faced with substantially higher living costs. In fact, £583 per month - and that was back in 2019!

Life costs you £583 more on average a month if you're disabled.

The disability price tag (2019)

We have a real opportunity to make a difference now. We know we won't be able to solve everything, but we can make a small difference - and those small differences will transform the lives of individual people and their families.

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