In what was and still is, a global disaster, at least some sort of 'silver lining' would be nice... 

Why We Must Do Something Now

COVID could create a huge employment opportunity for people with disabilities. In what was and still is, a global disaster, at least some sort of 'silver lining' would be nice...

Covid has changed the way people work

Organisations have been forced to look seriously at finding flexible ways for their employees to work. The majority of employers are actually encouraging their office staff to work at least partly from home. This means many disabled people who found the daily commute challenging are now able to compete for many more vacancies than ever before.

We've Seen What Can Be Done

Employers have managed to pull off huge changes to the workplace in an incredibly short time. The changes needed for a disabled person to pursue a rewarding career are tiny in comparison.

The Competition For Staff Is Brutal

Currently, people are leaving the market at an increased rate. In addition, the competition for talent has intensified. The expansion of homeworking has meant employers now face competition nationally and internationally for staff - it's no longer just about beating your local rivals to the best employees.

Could We Ease The Skills Shortage?

In the current economic climate, it makes commercial sense to take a closer look at the disabled sector of our community. It is an underused resource that recent events have proven could be utilised. 

A Fading Window of Opportunity

It's clear there has never been a better time to increase the participation of people with disabilities in the workforce. But how long will this last? COVID is already a distant memory for some, so it's not surprising people's memory of what is possible often fade. That's why it's so important to take action now.

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