Making a real and lasting difference in people lives is much more likely to happen with your help than without it.

Why We Need You

There is a small window of opportunity where we could make a big difference. Unfortunately, that window could close just as quickly. That's why it's critical we get things right the first time. 

This is much more likely to happen with your help than without it.

It is much more difficult for us to find the solution alone. We are more likely to either speed off in the wrong direction or just repeat the same mistakes as everyone else!

Either way, we would have wasted time and the chance would be lost.

That's why we need you

If you already have an idea or maybe possess experience in this area, your insight would be invaluable. It could help guide us towards a better solution. If you have 'know-how' in other areas or have overcome similar issues, we'd love to hear from you.

Think you're ideas aren't original enough?

Please don't be put off. Even if you think your idea is too obvious or we will have already heard similar opinions - please get in touch. What's obvious to you may not be to others and it would be a shame to miss it. In fact, even if we have heard it before, it's still valuable to us -  the same point repeated just highlights where we should be looking to make a difference.

All out of ideas, but would like to help?

Great! Perhaps you could act as our 'sounding board'? You would be critical in helping us iron out the wrinkles, guiding us in the right direction or maybe even suggesting ways to make an 'unworkable' idea workable!

Whichever way, we know it's very important to be respectful of your time.

Maybe you just don't have the time?

That's okay. However, there is a way that you can help that will take less than a minute.

Sometimes we can get so close to something or so passionate about it, that we don’t see the bigger picture. So, very occasionally, just before we commit to something, we’ll send out a quick opinion poll. Often an impartial outsider can spot obvious mistakes before it’s too late!

Just want to see the results?

When we’ve finished we’ll let you know. You never know, our new approach could help you solve some of your own recruitment headaches.

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